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i dont know if i’ll ever outgrow this “quiet kid drawing pictures in the back of class” persona i’ve developed over the years. i dont like it anymore but i have no idea how to be anything else. im frustrated. been trying not to compare myself to others but fuck if i dont feel like everything is passing me by. im hella not good at the internet lol. some of yall actually like me for some reason and i appreciate that. i only see my friends every few months. i wish i were better at texting back. me and my mom live on opposite coasts now. i didnt tell my best friend happy birthday last month. im trying not to internalize bad decisions. i miss my brothers so much. i hate asking my dad for money. i havent thought my music has been good for years. i’ve been eating lots of fruit lately. i make too many lists. i havent driven a car in almost two years. i probably spend two much money on weed. i’ve kept these air force ones clean for a long time. i didnt intend for this to be as long as it is. i dont believe in god. i cant wait to see how long my dreads get. although it doesnt bother me as much, i still have days when i wish i wasnt so short. i hate having good ideas without the means to execute them. im tired of hearing myself talk. this isnt a suicide note. im stronger than i look. i wish i could be seven again. aint nobody finna read this. i dont know why im so secretive. i’ve decided i’m not gonna hate on things/people for no reason anymore. people are gonna stop fuckin with me someday. i had a crazy dream last night. my subconscious thinks im stupid. im desensitized to tragedy. i think i’m pretty smart. i was gonna write this in my journal but i decided not to. im just tryna connect with somethin baby i’ll be here just swangin.


Snoop is my absolute favorite human.

17:47"The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it." — James Baldwin (via cecileemeke)

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i’ve had a few alcoholic beverages tonight

finna follow hella ppl

im painting some provocative shit re: racial profiling but i aint ready for the backlash just yet.


how 3D movies so popular but they still havent figured out how to make 3D glasses for people who wear real glasses?


my new name is Miller High Life


fuck man i dont care about the internet anymore